WP posts using index.php instead of single.php

by inputforcolor   Last Updated August 13, 2019 21:08 PM

The posts on my custom theme are using the index.php file instead of single.php _ I have looked through at least 10 questions on SO_ although many of them are very old _

Some answers said that if the WP loop isn't set up in single.php then it won't be called _ BUT my single.php file does contain the loop _

<?php get_header(); ?>

    <div class="container fadeIn" id="perimeter">
        <section id="page">
           <div class="row">
               <div class="col-12">
                    <div class="divPad">
                        <?php if(have_posts()) : ?>
                            <?php while(have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
                                <?php the_content(); ?>
                            <?php endwhile; ?>
                        <?php else : ?>
                            <?php echo wpautop('Sorry, no posts were found'); ?>
                        <?php endif; ?>                    

        <div class="horizBuffer2"></div>
    </div><!-- /#perimeter -->

<?php get_footer(); ?>

One answer appears on several questions and judging from the spelling and other idiosyncrasies has clearly been copy/pasted _ It says something about changing permalinks in the WP dashboard Settings section _ but it doesn't explain clearly what should be changed _

Thanks in advance to anyone who can get my posts to display on single.php

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