Win10 Dual Boot Error - Pavillion 15 Notebook- (Switching From Linux Mint > Ubuntu 19.04)

by AnonymousDarria   Last Updated June 12, 2019 07:02 AM

Long story short I have been dual booting Linux Mint 19 cinnamon alongside my Windows 10. Now I am still very much so in a mature as I got only been learning Linux for close to a year now. I chose the head first in the deep end method LOL after much trial and error I found my new Linux home to be mint 19. However it keeps crashing and I keep getting a session failed error oh, so after much investigation I've come to determine set me an Linux Mint weren't meant to be. Yes I know that is like the baby food of Linux and if I can't handle that, then can I ever make it moving forward LOL but nonetheless I have learned a lot and it's sad that when I go to the computer stores and repair shops for assistance, and believe It or not when I go to these shops I feel I am literally teaching their techs new things almost every time and I've only been at this maybe a year... unfortunately sad, I wasn't brought here to rant so I'll get back to the point at hand LOL.

I decided 2 mess around with some different flavors of Ubuntu end decided to stick with basic. So after being awake for many hours some work I decided to give Ubuntu one more last live just a mess around. Of course I decided to open G parted and completely deleted the partitions that had Linux Mint I had initially kept them to make reinstalling Linux Mint easier however I was 100% sure that I wanted Ubuntu instead. So now I have deleted the Linux Mint partitions which is now in one unallocated space. I'm sure you get where I'm leading to it this haha I can no longer booting my.

Upon booting my computer would normally go to the grub2 menu where I would choose between mint and windows it even showed my external hard drives operating systems -Kali & Parrot- (-side note- it showed my external hard drive, meaning it showed both Kali and parrot security even when my external wasn't plugged in I just assumed it was maybe grub2 having a memory)

For some reason Linux Mint always boot first so can your answer possibly include how to make Ubuntu boot first and not Windows? Moving on though, I can't boot Windows anymore and I'm pretty sure that's because I deleted the bootloader. I even went as far as putting in a Windows 10 installation media disc and repaired bootrec and it's still not booting windows. Now when I hit ask 9 I go and quit my notebook harddrive which would normally bring me to the grub menu however now it just brings me to a grub air command line. I did the troubleshooting steps. For that too (also shown in pics)

So I boot Ubuntu 19.04 thru USB and go to install get to the point where I make my partitions and then I get the error also shown in the pictures.. what do I do, and where did I go wrong??

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