Will macOS Catalina's new features work with older iOS devices?

by mweiss   Last Updated June 13, 2019 01:12 AM

I have two older iOS devices: an 1st generation iPad Mini (Model MD530LL/A, running iOS version 9.3.5) and an iPod Touch (also running 9.3.5). Neither of these devices can be upgraded to a newer version of iOS.

If I upgrade my Macbook Pro to Catalina, will I be able to use these devices? Specifically:

  • Currently I use iTunes to sync media to my devices. Once iTunes is discontinued, will I be able to use Apple Music, Podcasts, etc. for that purpose?
  • Currently I use iTunes File Sharing to transfer files to and from the various apps on my devices. Once iTunes is discontinued, what will take its place for me? Will I be able to use the Finder to transfer files to / from my devices?

My concern is that the upgrade to Catalina will require a similar upgrade on the device, and since these devices can't be upgraded any further, I am worried that they will become essentially useless. Can anyone set my mind at ease?

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