Why particles not seen in render

by atek   Last Updated May 16, 2019 06:15 AM

Why i cant see particles or group of particles created. I created simple shape and added particles to it. And created group to that shape. To the mesh i have created particles and the above group i have assign. In the 3d view i see the mesh but no particles and in when i render i cant see particles (i have hide the mesh just to see the particles). What is missing why i cant see the particles in 3d view and in render view.

Simple mesh created added particles created group

enter image description here

With the above group created assign to the mesh. Which is view in 3d view but no particles seen on it.

enter image description here

In render no particles seen which are assign. No Mesh No particles in final render

enter image description here

Any suggestion or help why particles not seen in render and 3d view. Thanks

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