Why is my plugin not hooking into events?

by glenatron   Last Updated July 08, 2019 15:10 PM

I have a plugin that looks like this:

class plgExtensionLogInstall extends JPlugin

    function onExtensionAfterInstall($installer, $extensionId) 
        JLog::add("Extension installed: ".$extensionId, JLog::DEBUG, 'plg_extension_log_install);

This installs correctly and I can enable it, but when I install another extension it is never triggered.

Putting some extra logging in /libraries/joomla/event/dispatcher.php I can see two event listeners hooked to onextensionafterinstall but neither of them is mine. The Extension XML file only contains the standard extension description and a files section like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<extension version="3.1" type="plugin" group="extension">
    <name>Plugin Logger</name>
        <filename plugin="installer_log">installer_log.php</filename>

The event is never triggered, but if the code is broken it does crash when the installer would run. What is missing from my class or configuration?

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