Why are characters missing from rendered text when using XeLaTex with utf8 and an installed font?

by Jayse   Last Updated July 11, 2019 21:23 PM

Why are some characters missing from rendered text? I am using XeLaTeX, the UCAS block (Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics) of Unicode fonts and an installed font on my system.

  1. Some of the typed characters are not rendered.
  2. There seem to be hidden sequences in the actual code; I say that because when moving the cursor through the code with the arrow keys, there are specific places where several strikes are necessary. These are consistently in the same place and the same number of strikes to move the cursor. I was receiving the compilation error "��Text line contains an invalid character," until I backspaced over them. The code itself still looks exactly the same.

Here is what the code looks like:




My name is Jayse Cardinal-Tahkiné.\\
ᒉᐦᔅ ᑳᕐᑏᓈᓪ ᓐᑎᔑᓂᐦᑳᔅ᙮ \\


As you can see, the rendered code is missing several characters in the second line: ᒉᐦ ᑳᑏᓈ ᑎᔑᐦᑳ

rendered font

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