Why after managing to deploy contract to POA Ethereum blockchain I can't interact with it?

by user3652172   Last Updated June 12, 2019 17:28 PM

We are using a private ETH proof of authority blockchain.

In order to deploy a contract I'm using 0 gas price and it deployed immediately.

Then, Tried to deploy many types of contracts with different functions. f.e:

pragma solidity 0.5.8;

contract graph{

    event CampaignCreated(uint256 relevantNumber, address owner, address moderator);
    event CampaignJoined(uint256 amount, address joinUser);
    event Number(uint256 general);

    function createCampaign(uint relevantNumber, address _moderator, address _owner) public{
        emit CampaignCreated(relevantNumber, _moderator, _owner);

    function sendNumber(uint relevantNumber) public{
        emit Number(relevantNumber);

    function joinCampaign(uint _amount, address _joinUser) public{
        emit CampaignJoined(_amount, _joinUser);

but all of the tx are failing. before each call, I'm again setting the gas price to 0.

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