White action bar or dark actionbar

by user158   Last Updated September 10, 2019 09:16 AM

I see many apps today uses shades of white extensively in their design. Even action bar color is shade of white which was used to be dark color earlier in android. This seems to be a trend.

As I read in this post, it seems it is better to have dark letters on light backgrounds, but post seems old, including mentioned resources.

May be this is because introduction of dark theme in Android 10, in order to show clear contrast between dark theme and light one, designers making the light theme more lighter by even making the action bar light.

I am on the way to design a theme for an android app which supports dark theme. I already use shade of white in my design except action bar and some other few places, Is it better to set action bar color to a shade of white?

(I am asking this in the context material design in android apps)

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