Where are my comments from the Activity tab?

by LarsTech   Last Updated May 26, 2019 10:24 AM

During the day I often click on my profile from the top bar and then click on the Activity tab to see comments that I made earlier in the day and follow up on those posts to see if anything happened. It looks like the Activity tab is no longer there, but I can't see where I can find my list of comments that I made.

I see the Responses tab, but that only includes comments made to me, not comments that I made.

Where do I find them now?

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As you noticed, the whole activity tab disappeared, not just comments.

At least I know the reason why it did happen.

This request was just implemented.

Before your old profile located at /users/{id}/name?tt=activity and your new one located at /users/{id}/name?tt=profile. Your activity tab located at /users/{id}/name?tt=activity&tab=activity and (for example) reputation tab located at /users/{id}/name?tt=activity&tab=reputation.

Now, your new profile is located at /users/{id}/name?tab=profile and your old one is located at /users/{id}/name?tab=activity (notice that tt changed to tab). Your (for example) reputation tab is located at /users/{id}/name?tab=reputation and... where is located activity tab? With new change, it would be located at /users/{id}/name?tab=activity, but it is the url of old profile. So the tab activity just lost its url.

Either old profile section or the activity tab should be renamed. Because they both have name "Activity".

I knew that there will be confusion...

December 04, 2014 17:39 PM

Aaand... it is back. Here, on MSE.

Will be out in the rest of the network in a couple of minutes.

Sorry about that!

December 04, 2014 18:11 PM

User page: Activity tab > All actions > Comments

Hans Erren
Hans Erren
May 26, 2019 10:00 AM

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