When to use the specified type of json-ld

by Nemanja Jeremic   Last Updated July 15, 2019 17:04 PM

I wanna to implement json-ld into my website, but I have some question about it, before I do that.

  1. What @type should I use for a page with a list of sub-categories, also that page represent category page?
  2. What is the best way to use json-ld. In one script tag or more? Does I need to generate json-ld for each element on the page? Or I can do that in single one json-ld? What is a better solution?
  3. Should I need to combine microdata with json-ld or just to use json-ld as Google recommend it?
  4. Also on website are product and articles, the articles are not blog type, they are information type, something how some localBusiness do thing. Not HowTo.
  5. Also those categories(subcategories) are splitted, there are categories(subcategories) for products, and for articles. What @type should use for category(subcategory) of product and article?
  6. Can I use information of company in author @type?
  7. Does I need to have BreadcrumbList physically on the site in html or i can just implement json-ld? I know it's must have on html for all types. But i asking about BreadcrumbList.

Website by hierarchy

P.S. I googled in last two days, about those things. And i didn't find any good answer for each of those questions.

P.S. It's a custom CMS

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