What this thing is called?

by Murali Prajapati   Last Updated June 16, 2015 23:04 PM

What this orange transparent thing or flow is called?


Screenshot - (Click to enlarge image)

I found this thing at many places like at the end of a ListView or ViewPager. How can I change the color of it for my app.

Answers 1

You can change color of it by changing Theme of your device.

this is defined by android developers its color depends on theme which you have chosen for your android device.

note:-This is Designed by android developers in android lollipop (android 5.x) to make it look good and to get more materialistic look.It appears when we scroll faster and end of list is encountered.

Process to change theme:- 1. Go to settings>personalize>themes 2. Now Change theme (This is in case of HTC devices)

June 16, 2015 18:15 PM

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