What methods and tools can be used to search the internet without censoring and blocking of results affecting the search results obtained?

by Dale Newton   Last Updated September 11, 2019 18:01 PM

Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo (Bing search back-end) and other mainstream search engines currently censor results obtained from their search results pages, usually without due legal process (eg. content and links gets removed in response to DMCA takedown requests; 'Right-to-be-forgotten', etc)

Are there any alternative search methods, such as web-search applications, APIs, or classes of search engines with powerful search capabilities (i.e which have large indexes / databases of pages and sites) but which provide search results without censorship of any kind, or where if censorship is applied, it is applied only in accordance with Manila/Open Internet principles (i.e. no censoring and filtering of results unless content is judged to be illegal by a court of law; takedown requests must follow due process, etc.)?

Note this question seeks information of alternative search methods and tools and classes of search engines which can then be further researched to find viable search options and individual products, if any exists, rather than recommendations of individual products, in accordance with StackExchange guidelines.

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