What is the procedure for organizing photos?

by Marinaio   Last Updated September 11, 2019 18:18 PM

This question has arisen from this post:

Lost card and no backup

This crisis happened because I did not backup the SD card.

This is how I organize photos today...

  1. Create a directory based on year on my external USB drive.
  2. Create sub-directories like; family, hobbies, boating, etc
  3. Copy the photos from SD card into the appropriate folders. For example, copy all photos on a boat to z:/photos/2019/boating.
  4. Format the SD card
  5. Backup external USB drive to external USB backup_drive for safety.
  6. Repeat the process for all my SD cards

This is a laborious process and I had to spend good money to rescue the SD card because I was in a rush and did not backup.

What can I do to make this easy so I can so this regularly?

In addition, much time is used to post process some of the photos I want to print

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