What is the most efficient way to go forward in Monsters Hunter: World?

by Kane Billiot   Last Updated April 15, 2019 19:14 PM

So, I just finished the Colossal Task quest (the one to kill the Zora Magdaros) in MHW. Before this quest, I spent a lot of time farming Diablo since the armor pieces made from Diablo materials are the best when it comes to defense. After the quest, I am now able to access the high rank armor list. I see that the lowest armor pieces I can forge in the high rank list is stronger that the armor I have on currently. So, it seems like I wasted my time farming for the Diablo materials. Instead, it seems like I should have just keep moving on. So, my question is: as I move forward in the game, should I just keep forging new armor or is there one monster that I should farm out of? Also, till this point, I still have not try upgrading any of the armor pieces as forging seems to give better defense anyways. Is this true for the rest of the game? When should I start upgrading my armor?

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