What is the fundamental period of the function $ f(x) = \sin x + \tan x + \tan\frac{x}{2} + \tan\frac{x}{4} + \tan\frac{x}{8} + \tan\frac{x}{16}$ .

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What is the fundamental period of the function $ f(x) = \sin x + \tan x + \tan\frac{x}{2} + \tan\frac{x}{4} + \tan\frac{x}{8} + \tan\frac{x}{16}$ . I know that $16\pi$ is one period but how can I determine the fundamental period? Can anyone please help me to find out it's fundamental period?

My friend was telling me that it's fundamental period will also be $16\pi$. Because $16\pi$ is the L.C.M of all periods of the periodic functions in the expression. But I can not understand this argument because the well known function $|\sin x | + |\cos x|$ is a periodic function with period $\frac{\pi}{2}$ where as $|\sin x |$ and $|\cos x|$ are of period $\pi $.

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In the given function 16π is the fundamental period. The reason is if "T " is one of period then $ \frac{T}{n} $ where n$ {\into N } $ can be a fundamental period if $\\ f(x\,+\,T)\,=f(x) $ . Generally it happens in function which transform from one to the other given e.g |Sin((π/2)+x)| = | Cos x | and vise versa there fundamental period get refused to π/2.

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