What is the equivalent to Search Console "clicks" in Google Analytics

by Niels Kristian   Last Updated May 15, 2019 19:04 PM

I am looking into some reports in Google Analytics, however my attention has been brought to the fact that I cannot seem to find approximately matching numbers between google search console and Google Analytics traffic numbers, for the same time period, for the same domain.

I have compared the same time period (13. April to 13. April) in search console "clicks" with "sessions" in Google Analytics traffic acquisition for source/medium = "google / organic". As seen in the below screenshots, the numbers in GA are 25% HIGHER (not lower) than Search Console.

Search console clicks

Google Analytics sessions

The domain is running HSTS so all requests are HTTPS and should be counted both places.

  • Is it the right metrics I am comparing
  • Why are they different in the way that GA number is larger? I would understand why "sessions" would be smaller, but not the other way around
  • Which of the numbers should I trust?

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