What is the best Lightning implementation to obtain the network graph?

by Sergei Tikhomirov   Last Updated June 12, 2019 11:27 AM

I want to obtain a fresh snapshot of the Lightning network from my own node. So far I've experimented with Eclair, its API calls allnodes, allchannels, and allupdates give me the information in the following format (examples from testnet).

A node:

    "signature": "304502210091f498ae307be653c3dc54954e4e20fcf1a42ff6f0ff7cfe9f1b4367f64349f2022069931b88e1a05cf16ebd08a7272f2249ec47816c9bda51d7b1b4c70b35ed580001",
    "features": "",
    "timestamp": 1543424260,
    "nodeId": "03be1602dd945198ad92b96ed6de85ba41d6c69cc5e81826d5d05a176bf9a38fcd",
    "rgbColor": "#e20f00",
    "alias": "shangod1933e2a-3f17-4",
    "addresses": [

A channel:

    "shortChannelId": "1288195x260x0",
    "a": "02ece82b43452154392772d63c0a244f1592f0d29037c88020118889b76851173f",
    "b": "03933884aaf1d6b108397e5efe5c86bcf2d8ca8d2f700eda99db9214fc2712b134"

An update:

    "signature": "3045022100fb115950efdeb745d16e79b13be18d01a02c66f2bad0a2050ac157f70e51fe9502201694b2ff817bd5a1bc44488e9732e233f2ca93528df5cbe134ecc2555e7b2a5601",
    "chainHash": "43497fd7f826957108f4a30fd9cec3aeba79972084e90ead01ea330900000000",
    "shortChannelId": "1448407x42x1",
    "timestamp": 1560197957,
    "messageFlags": 1,
    "channelFlags": 0,
    "cltvExpiryDelta": 144,
    "htlcMinimumMsat": 1000,
    "feeBaseMsat": 1000,
    "feeProportionalMillionths": 1,
    "htlcMaximumMsat": 16777215000

Do other implementations (LND, c-lightning) provide the same information (maybe in a different format)? If I want to get the most available information about nodes and channels, should I stick with Eclair or switch to another implementation?

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