What does SaturatedOpacity means in Rawtherapee?

by Skippy le Grand Gourou   Last Updated June 11, 2019 17:18 PM

When checking differences between Rawtherapee .pp3 profiles, I noticed a SaturatedOpacity parameter under [ColorToning], either equal to 0 or 1, and likely set by the white balance point tool.

I may have missed it but launching Rawtherapee with two profiles having different SaturatedOpacity values I wasn't able to spot the parameter to which it corresponds.

What does SaturatedOpacity corresponds to in Rawtherapee ?

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After a bit more code review, the SaturatedOpacity value in the sidecar file seems to correspond to:

Color -> Color Toning -> Opacity
   -> Saturation Protection -> Strength slider/field entry

SaturationThreshold would be the other parameter in that group. The mix of camelCase, PascalCase and lowercase can get a bit confusing at times...

Based on this line in the source code:

saveToKeyfile(!pedited || pedited->colorToning.saturatedopacity,
   "ColorToning", "SaturatedOpacity", colorToning.saturatedOpacity, keyFile);

I'm gonna guess it's related to the Opacity subsection in the Color Toning section under the Color tab. The variable is a bool, and it's a member of a structure called ColorToningEdited, so it's probably just an indicator to look for and/or use/ignore some other variables that contain the customized curves, etc. that make up the rest of the settings in that part of the module.

June 11, 2019 18:00 PM

Consider the following snippet from a pp3 file created by RawTherapee:


The settings are associated with the Saturation Protection settings of the Color Toning filter. They are available for most, but not, all of the methods. I chose "RGB - Sliders" because it is compact and fits well on screen.

Color Toning

June 11, 2019 20:48 PM

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