What are the typical height differences between carpet and hard floor?

by fredsbend   Last Updated August 13, 2019 16:21 PM

I'm raising an 80's style dropdown livingroom to be even with the rest of the floor. The dropdown area I'm raising will be carpet and the adjoining floors will be laminate (hard floor).

The goal is that the carpet and laminate look the same height, with a simple transition strip between them to hide the ends. To do this right, I need to know what height difference I should make between the dropdown area and the adjoining floors. What are the typical transition heights between hard floor and carpet? Is this completely dependent on the carpeting and padding I select?

Picture the following diagram:

  Laminate    Carpet
A --------------------- 1
B __________            2
C ==========|__________ 3
D           |__________ 4
E           |========== 5

Level A and level 1 are the carpet and laminate tops, evenly installed (assume there's a low profile transition strip between them). On the laminate side, level B is the bottom of the laminate. Level C is the top of the floorboards. Levels D and E are under the floorboards. On the carpet side, level 2 is carpet bulk. Level 3 is the bottom of the carpet. Level 4 is the bottom of the pad. Level 5 is the top of the floorboards.

What is the typical difference in height between levels C and 5?

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