Using multiple languages to code one program

by Exabyte314   Last Updated July 11, 2019 13:05 PM

Would it be easy, or at all possible, to code a program using Java for the interface and Python for the printing and variables? Speaking of which, does anybody know how to use either of these programs to position a Python 'print' function on a specific location on the screen? And if this is in Java, how would I transfer a string variable from Python to Java? If there is a way? Any answers to this would be greatly appreciated, I am a beginner text programmer with very limited knowledge, planning to code a largely customisable game. Requesting all this knowledge because I am trying to figure out how to even make the beginning dialogue and 'set username' screen.

As a secondary question, can you put images on variables in Python or Java? For future reference, I think I may have to use that.

Tags : java python

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