user-experience issues when the order of content changes?

by DΦC__WTF   Last Updated November 08, 2018 23:16 PM

I'm working on an iOS project for users with age 55+ years who have not to much experience in using mobile devices.

I have around 8 tiles with information to show the user. (Scroll View)

By time some of those information are more relevant to the user so I want to sort / rank those tiles dynamically.

My question is, how confusing is it for a user, especially an unexperienced / old / not digital native user :D that the order of the content changes every now and then.

I know form my grandma that if she searches for something in an app, she doesn't remember how to get somewhere by logical thinking, she actually tries to remember the exact location like "View XYZ" and then scroll down X cm / inches. So I could imagine that those users get irritated if the content order / location changes -.-

What is your opinion and experience on that?

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