User design for many items over a time frame

by Arthur Havlicek   Last Updated May 15, 2019 18:16 PM

I would like to represent a sequence of user events (for ex. login events) under a graph. This would typically hold zero to infinite entries.

To represent users I intend to use small icons of, say, roughly 64x64. But how do I represent them with good UX over a timeline ? If for example I simply draw them over a line representing time, there may be blanks and overlaps. If i represent them in fixed space sequence, I loose the information of how much time elapses between events and may need to re-include that anyhow. I'm also concerned about efficiently using space screen, something a linear of small pictures don't do.

What is the most elegant design for this ? I'm open to all and any suggestion, including fragmenting on several pages, having interactivity like sliders, on-click popups and so on. It's important that all events time and user are accessible, and it's important to be able to be able to browse efficiently the timeline in search for a particular time or icon.

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