Useful hidden edges?

by Robert   Last Updated August 13, 2019 19:15 PM

Creating low poly objects and characters without using triangles (hidden edges) is a painful process. When there are so few polygons, every edge is more valuable. I'm wondering if there is a process or plugin out there that lets us make use of these edges without using triangles?

In Blender, it seems like this could be done by providing a special mode where the user can see and turn hidden edges quickly and easily. Similar to x-ray mode - the user would toggle it off and on to tweak the shape as necessary. Simple clicks (or modifier + click) on hidden edges turns them.

I've read many times that Blender doesn't account for hidden edges. But I'm assuming this has changed in one of the updates, because I can now turn edges and rejoin them into a quad, and they remain the way I set them, indefinitely. Or at least they seem to. But there is definitely something strange or peculiar about the process. Sometimes I have to use Alt + J to join two triangles in order to keep the edge turned the way I set it, and sometimes I have to Ctrl + X to remove the edge to do so. I've also noticed that I sometimes don't even have to turn the edge at all - I can just triangulate and rejoin, and the edge turns on its own. All of this leads to confusing and frustrating modeling.

I'm hoping I'm missing something when it comes to modeling low poly objects in Blender. Are you guys just adding extra vertices to make up for not having the ability to bend your quads (adding visible edges to make up for it means more quads)? Or do you just go with triangles until you need to sub-divide (this seems like it would be more painful than what I'm doing now)?

Thanks for any advice!

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