Use Multiple Internet connections on the same Computer but for different apps

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I know this is quite similar to the questions asked before however none of them answered my question. Please read this before downvoting. What I basically want to do is if I have a 4Mbit(on WiFi) line and a 2Mbit line(on ethernet) I want to use the 2Mbit line for dedicated downloading(cloud services, leagal torrents, etc) while the WiFi line is for my normal browsing.

I DO NOT want to merge them, bond them or load balance. I have a normal Linksys EA6500 V2 with a single WAN port and a Dell 3543 running Windows 10. So is this possible?

Update: I read from the comments that it is better to add what I have considered. I had a look at Speedify a service offered by those at connectify to "bond" connections but as I said it does not satisfy the requirements. Then I took a look at those "Dual" WAN routers but again they are extremenely rare and only support load balancing.

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Search about "ForceBindIP" in google. I think that's what you need. And BTW, I'm using it right now.

I'm downloading a file using IDM through WiFi-1(My mobile hotspot) and watching a Twitch stream in Firefox simultaneously & separately through WiFi-2(my router which i connected with using a network adapter), without combining both internet connections.

Here is the link to the Tutorial:

October 10, 2019 00:22 AM

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