URL is not on Google - what does it mean and how to fix?

by Martin Shishkov   Last Updated April 12, 2019 09:04 AM

I'm new to optimizing pages for ranking in search engines and I've recently got in Google Search Console. So whenever I try the URL Inspection tool with the home page of my site I get this message:

URL is not on Google

This page is not in the index, but not because of an error. See the details below to learn why it wasn't indexed. Learn more

Here's a more detailed view: enter image description here

I'm feeling really frustrated because I don't really know what does this mean and there's no real actionable information on how to fix this.

However, when I try the Test Live URL feature I get the following:

enter image description here

This looks kind of ambigious information to me and I don't know if I should be worried?

I've tried to stick to the most fundamental practices for SEO so that everything on the page is moderately OK and does not have critial issues such as noindex etc.

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