Unusual RAM usage and stuttering

by ShadowPauler   Last Updated July 12, 2019 01:02 AM

Specs: GTX 1660 TI 512GB SSD DDR4 8GB 3200Mhz RAM Ryzen 5 1600 CPU

So using Kubuntu, the RAM usage sits at 0.8GB using nothing. Using Firefox, it hits 1.4GB RAM Then once I start playing almost ANY game, my RAM shoots up much higher than on windows 10, and for games like ARK: Survival Evolved or Rocket League my RAM hits 5GB - 18GB RAM usage. I started playing a Minecraft modpack, and my RAM hit 7GB out of 8GB and my SWAP hit around 11GB itself when I set my modpack to only use 4GB RAM.

I'm not understanding why Ubuntu uses so much more RAM for things? Afterwards, I start stuttering REALLY badly once I hit my SWAP file.

Is there anyway to fix this? I'd love to play games without worrying about RAM or such, especially when I can play them with around 2GB on windows 10. Thanks! If I'm missing any needed information, tell me and I'll add it.

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