Underwater camera that sends images over a 3g/4g network

by Brad   Last Updated February 11, 2019 09:25 AM

I'm looking to keep a small camera underwater and have it take a photo every hour, and then send this photo over a cell network to an email address.

I was imagining a small device powered by a battery pack that is switched off by default, and is programmed to turn on every hour, take a photo, and then send it before turning off again to preserve battery life. That's the first problem, which device to use and keeping the battery life to more than a few months.

The second issue is how to send the photo. I was imagining having this device submerged about 2 meters underwater, with a water proof cable or antenna sticking out above the surface, maybe attached to a buoy.

I'm sure there's other issues I'm overlooking.

Is this at all possible to do without spending, say, more than $100 NZD? I'm aiming for less than $50NZD.

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