Ubuntu 18.04 Can't boot: Create Volatile files and Directories hangs

by HessianMatrix   Last Updated August 13, 2019 22:02 PM

I couldn't boot due to this problem, I managed to boot in recovery mode (grub advanced options for Ubuntu) and empty the /tmp directory as suggested here (https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/463224/how-to-understand-the-a-start-job-is-running-for-create-volatile-files-and-dire) and could boot normally (can't tell how many files there where in /tmp, there could be lots of them since I installed lots of things), but the next boot gave me the same error and now I can't even boot in recovery mode, so I don't have access to the shell. Any ideas about the cause of the problem and its resolution? Thanks in advance

Tags : boot 18.04 grub2

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