To-do documentclass for a document that is just a to-do list?

by murray   Last Updated May 15, 2019 20:23 PM

Is there some LaTeX documentclass, or package, for creating a document that is only a to-do list, including check-boxes where one can mark those items done?

I am not asking about how to include a "to-do list" that consists of what are in effect annotations regarding what things still need to be done to complete the document itself.

For example, I might have a document like the following:

     1. Buy groceries.

        [X] (a) Lettuce

            (b) Oranges

            (c) Brie

[X]  2. Fill gas tank.

     3. Pick up kids from soccer.

(The preceding is not intended to be LaTeX markup code, but rather the sort of output desired.

I realize that one could just use standard enumerate environments, but as that stands it would miss inclusion of check-boxes to mark items that have been done. And something like the todoenv of the todo package does not seem to quite accomplish what I want, as that environment still produces a list separate from the main body of the document.

Is there such a suitable documentclass or package? Or must I "roll my own"?

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