Table with an itemized list in second column

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A colleague of mine asked me for help creating the following picture using tex code.

table with lists in second column

Can someone share a bit of code, maybe for the first two rows?


Thanks to suggestions below and the following link:

mori table article

I was able to do the following:



Strengths & 
- Increase the number of tourists\newline
- Easy to start a business\newline
- Favorable tax System\\
Weakness & 
- Limited Resources\newline
- High start-up costs\\
Opportunities & 
- target markets by country of origin or interests\\
Threats & 
- High level of competition\newline
- Difficulty in attracting and maintaining customers\\


The result was this image. My colleague is grateful.

enter image description here

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Answers 1

More or less like this:

Strenghts & \begin{itemize}
\item{Increase the number of tourists}
\item{Easy to start a business}
\item{Favorable tax System}
Weakness & \begin{itemize}
\item{Limited Resources}
\item{High start-up costs}
Opportunities & \begin{itemize}
\item{target markets by country of origin or interests}
Threats & \begin{itemize}
\item{High level of competition}
\item{Difficulty in attractingand maintaining customers}
June 11, 2014 18:37 PM

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