System using old version of rSync instread of new version

by user1709730   Last Updated June 13, 2019 03:12 AM

I have a Mac computer and would like to send backups to a Synology NAS.

Apple has rSync 2.6.9 pre-loaded with the operating system.

I installed rSync 3.1.3 using HomeBrew as Synology Active Backup requires at least 3.0. HomeBrew installed rSync into /usr/local/bin/rsync.

The problem is when I connect to the Mac computer using rSync, the Mac uses version 2.6.9 instead of the new one I installed. How can I make it so that it uses the new one instead of the old one?

I know about changing the PATH for the local user to put /usr/local/bin/rsync before /usr/bin/rsync. It works when I am logged in using the terminal or SSH. However, when I connect using Synology, it always invokes 2.6.9 which renders it not workable.

Is there anything in there that can cause the system to use 3.1.3 in the /usr/local/bin/rsync instead of the original one that came with the computer?

Thanks in advance.

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