Synthetic workload generation for cloud, database types, web traffic, etc

by Haris   Last Updated October 10, 2019 17:05 PM

I am looking for a tool which can generate synthetic workloads (on a block device or a file maybe) of different types. Mainly of cloud, different databases, web traffic and all.

I searched and could find only this one, however after reading the instruction manual, it looks like it just uses categorizes those types of workloads using the primitive ways. For example,

OLTP workload
-R -r 80 -b 16k, 32k -M 4 ... 32
(random, read % 80, block size 16k to 32k, no. of processes 4 to 32)

Videobroadcasting, streaming read
-S1 -r 100 -b 1M -M 1 ... 8
(similar as above)

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