Sunage: Battle for Elysium, unique "Burn to Death" anti-cracking technique, I think

by Anicetus_Cer   Last Updated May 15, 2019 21:13 PM

This question is primarily aimed at a game dev company vertex4, they released a game called "Sunage: Battle for Elysium" I say they, but the game seems to mainly be the work of one Developer (Roman Pfneudl) who seems to be around on stack overflow so hopefully this question will make its way to him, the Game forums seem to be dead, I get no activation email from registration so no official way to contact them.

Before I explain the issue you need to know the game is a modern take on a classic isometric RTS in the C&C vain.

The issue: When loading up the very first level, everything seems to run fine, I start commanding my lil troops , but then a few mins in my lil men start burning to death! On closer observation it is when I move my mouse pointer over the top of the troops that they start to burn. Gob smacked by this odd mechanism I started reading the steam forums to see if anyone else had this issue and they did. In fact it seems that this unusual mechanism is a built in anti-cracking mechanism according to the developer themselves, see this post: ""

Some people mentioned that they moved there game folder to the desktop others that they ran it with admin rights and it stopped the issue, non of these things have worked for me.

I wish i knew what the trigger for the mechanism was because i might then have a chance of working around it, if anyone is aware of this problem or a solution please let me know.

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