SSRS managed shared subscriptions data from from database

by Dimitris   Last Updated September 11, 2019 15:06 PM

While running an ETL process we need to pause the shared managed SSRS subscriptions and then enable them and run them accordingly when our ETL has progressed. In order to do that we take a backup of the ReportServer.dbo.Schedule table just before we pause the subscriptions and we compare it with the time that we reach the proper state of our ETL (just after we enable them back). Our reporting services are the ones from sql server 2012 embedded in Sharepoint.

The problem here is that it seems that ReportServer.dbo.Schedule some times has NULL in the NextRunTime even though it does have a schedule set. From some testing we saw that if we connect to the sharepoint portal that we have with the ssrs reports then the nextruntime gets populated succesfully but if for example on a sunday , noone connects to that portal , then the nextRunTime remains with NULLs..

Anyone has encourred that before and has any idea on how to overcome that issue ??

Thanks for any help, Dimitris

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