Socket.IO Getting 404 Errors on Some URLs, but not others

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I am trying to use Socket.IO in my web application and it has worked great so far. However, I have been trying to fix one specific issue for a long time and have not been able to find anyone else having the same issue. Socket.IO works great on URLs where it is just, however, when I stack paths on the domain, I get a 404 in socket.IO. For example, displays a 404 for socket.IO. In the log, it tries to access socket.IO at when it needs to access it at It seems to only replace the url after the last / so would make it try to get at site.come/ex/ am using ExpressJS, I didn't know if that was relevant.)

I have tried to set the path and resource for to use in the client script. Also, I included the path when binding the instance to the http server.

Here is my server side code.

var app = express();
var server = require('http').createServer(app);
var io = require('')(server, {path: '/'});

Here is my client side code.

var socket = io.connect('', {
    path: '/',
    resource: '/',
    transports: ['websocket'],
    upgrade: false

Thanks so much for all help! (I am sorry for any incorrect formatting of this question, this is my fist time asking on StackOverflow!)

Answers 1

You likely need a leading slash on the script tag.

The big clue is when you said your script loads when the page URL is, but doesn't load when it's The problem is that your <script> tag is using a page relative link with no leading / on the URL. That means the browser will combine the path of the page URL with the filename in your <script> tag. But, you don't want to use the path of the page. You want to load it from the same place every time. So, to do that, you change from this:

<script src=""></script>

to this:

<script src="/"></script>
August 13, 2019 19:25 PM

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