Should multiple cities in publisher names, like “Amsterdam–New York”, use en-dash or hyphen?

by Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine   Last Updated September 11, 2019 10:23 AM

Often, publishers list multiple cities in their address, like “Amsterdam–New York–London”; these appear very frequently in bibliographies. Should these be typeset with an en-dash, or a hyphen, or is this style-dependent?

I can’t find any style guides or typography guides mentioning this explicitly, and general rules for dash use seem to imply that en-dashes would be appropriate — it seems analogous to e.g. concatenating names of authors in a multi-author theorem.

On the other hand, most published papers seem to use hyphens, and major bibdata repositories (e.g. MathSciNet, DBLP) provide bibdata using hyphens for this. But then again, you also find numerical page ranges given with hyphens in many such places, which is definitely not correct — so “common practice” (even in professional publishing) sometimes just reflects common errors, rather than established best practices.

Are there any authoritative guidelines on this point?

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