Should I show data processed by the software

by Breno   Last Updated April 16, 2019 00:16 AM

I am writing a software using Python/wxPython, and this software uses a dictionary to store the data I will process. And what users see is just a ListCtrl (which has a few rows and columns) that shows the default data and the data they input.

The dictionary is some kind of this:

dictOfItems = {
  'person1': ["Josh", "34 years", "Single"],
  'person2': ["Karl", "17 years", "Single"],
  'person3': ["John", "27 years", "Married"]

The point is: the dictionary uses keys to differ an object from another, so users can place many of a single person (if it's the case) without being worried about overriding an existing person or something like this.

Should I show the IDs on that ListCtrl? Or should I just keep it for my self and let it be as clean as possible?

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