Should I guide the user in their account set up? Designing for web

by Levon   Last Updated June 12, 2019 23:16 PM

So, I know that when designing for mobile dividing processes into steps makes the user feel not so overwhelmed by the amount of options/fields that are required. Does this hold for web development?

This is how the 'set up guide' looks right now:

1) User signs up normally enter image description here

2) User chooses if they want to follow the guide enter image description here

3) User adds profile info. enter image description here

4) User adds opening hours enter image description here

This would have one more step, but I think my point is shown. The user is required to add 'complex' information, and in order to have the user set it up at the start I think is better to walk them through than leaving them alone at the dashboard.

Should I keep the 'guided sign up' feature? Any tips on how to improve it? Should I leave the option for the user to choose whether or not to be guided?


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