SEO hreflang multiple domain same language

by Enquest   Last Updated August 08, 2019 07:04 AM

I'm always a bit confused about hreflang and domain. I have the following in mind.

Current situation: (english) hreflang="en" (dutch) hreflang="nl-be" hreflang="nl-nl"

Now I bought Sould I redirect the to the or split the site. Note NL and BE are both dutch and will be identical or near identical.

So the result would be: (english) (dutch) hreflang="nl-nl" (dutch) hreflang="nl-be"

Will my .be which is most important suffer from duplicated content on .nl and .be. Or are they seprated because the .nl .be

And should I set the canonical to the .be or don't mind canonical for that?

thx in advance!

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