SEO for Bibliography / References Section of Webpage

by Chris Rogers   Last Updated May 13, 2019 14:04 PM

How do I perform SEO within my References / Bibliography section of my website? I have used an ARIA Label for accessibility purposes, but I don't know how to optimize for the actual citations.

If I use <cite></cite> within <p></p>, the whole text within the citation will be italicized and therefore will not follow the APA citation requirements.

Am I doing everything I can for Google to understand that each <p></p> is a separate reference?

My example code section

<section aria-label="Bibliography" class="bibliography" role="region">
   <p>Hansson, S. O. (2013). Defining Pseudoscience and Science In:<em>Philosophy of Pseudoscience: Reconsidering the Demarcation Problem</em> Pigliucci &amp; Boudry (Eds.) Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press</p>
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