search_api_solr adding boost/weight/importance to a taxonomy value

by eahonet   Last Updated September 11, 2019 18:07 PM

I have a Taxonomy referenced from entity reference fields on multiple Content Types. It's "version". So what version of the software relates to the content being read. Often, this content is nearly identical between versions. Think version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... only besides the version, they're (nearly) identical.

When I search for words, it might return the same the Node-version1, Node-version2, ... Node-version5. So all of them at once, in random order.

It'd be great if I could put more importance on the newer versions. So that if the taxonomy is Version 5, it would get a little boost over Version 4's node.

Is this possible? And how?

At first, I tried using two sorts: Relevance + Version. But that didnt' work b/c relevance is would have a different of (for example) 2.318646 vs 2.4600863. So the 2nd sort didn't ever need to come into play.

So now I'm focused on how to add more Boost or Weight to certain taxonomy values over others within the same taxonomy.

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