SE site for household appliance questions?

by Pëkka   Last Updated June 12, 2019 18:24 PM

Is there currently a Stack Exchange site where I can ask about household appliances?

In the current case, my question is whether it's good practice to turn off a fridge when you don't need it, and if yes, in what intervals.

Is there a site (or proposal) where this question would fit in? It's not Food and Cooking, and it's probably not Home Improvement, either...

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There is not currently a household appliance Stack Exchange site.

The latest list of sites can be found here: Area 51

If you want an appliance site, support it here: Area 51: Home Appliances

Robert Cartaino
Robert Cartaino
August 07, 2010 16:39 PM

DIY has many appliance questions. By my very unscientific skim of the 12 most popular of those, fewer than half are about merely operating appliances:

  • 5 operating questions
  • 5 installing questions
  • 2 repairing questions

which seems like plenty to go ahead and post a question like that there. Yes, there are today 368 questions about refrigerators.

Bob Stein
Bob Stein
June 12, 2019 17:36 PM

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