Scrollbars aren't disappearing on specific <pre> fields in Chrome 71.0.3578.30

by Ohgodwhy   Last Updated November 08, 2018 22:24 PM

There are specific circumstances at which the horizontal scroll bar will not disappear when the <pre> formatted field is a single line:

<input type='number' name='items_quantity_discount[]' min='1' class='form-control' v-model='voucher_item.item_discount_value_input' min='1' max=''/>

If you scroll horizontally on this (Mac OSX Mojave, Chrome 71.0.3578.30), it will never disappear. This doesn't seem to be a Chrome Bug, as if I delete the entire <head> element from the page, and add the following to pre tags:

display: block;
max-width: 650px;

The issue does not happen.

Tags : bug design

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