routing with multiple NICs (connected to multiple APs) that were all assigned the same LAN address

by Bilal Khan   Last Updated May 16, 2019 06:00 AM

I have 4 wireless APs based on the ESP8266. These APs all broadcast distinct SSIDs, but each serves LAN addresses in subnet 192.168.4.XXX. The subnet value is not configurable.

Then, I have a Linux host with 4 wireless NICs. I can make each NIC connect as a client of a different AP. NIC#1 one is connected to AP#1 ... NIC#4 is connected to AP#4. Because all APs serve up .4 addresses, there is a chance that all 4 NIC will get assigned the same IP, e.g. all 4 NICs might be assigned

Each of the APs has other devices connected to them, besides the dedicated host NIC. All devices are given addresses on the .4 network. For example, there might be a printer on AP#2 with IP and a scanner connected to AP#4 also with IP

Is there any way that networking on the Linux host can be made to work?

Specifically in the above example, how might one address (read data from/write data to) the printer versus the scanner?

Thanks, Bilal

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