Routing traffic from VPN on my work laptop to my desktop PC

by Sam   Last Updated May 16, 2019 01:00 AM

I regularly work from home, and the equipment provided to me is pretty poor - a slow laptop with a spinning hard disk. I have a fairly high end workstation at home which mostly goes unused.

The directive I have is that I must connect to the work VPN with my work laptop. Presently, I remote desktop to my laptop and work that way, but I am still limited by the hardware I'm connecting to.

All servers & workstations at my employer have an 172.16.x.x range. My home network uses 192.168.x.x; so I'm hoping there is some way I can just direct all traffic destined for 172.16.x.x range from my workstation to my laptop, which will then tunnel it to the VPN. I realise this won't help me with name resolution on the network, but I can add the servers I regularly use to my local hosts file.

How can I route traffic from my workstation to my laptop, which is connected to my employer via VPN?


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