rm Command on / Directory

by ALWIEZ   Last Updated July 12, 2019 04:02 AM

I'm using ParrotSec OS, it's a debian-based OS but I want to ask you again.

Just now, I was thinking I'm in /root/ directory, this directory havelot of .txt files.

So I entered this command ; rm *

But I wasn't in the /root/ I typed a cd .. by mistake

I know rm command doesn't removes folders, but it deletes files. I googled about / directory and I found this.

/ Directory Image ( emmbed not allowed yet :\ pls click to see pic )

Folders are same, othing lost but other files are lost. I rebooted my PC and still using with no problem. But I want to know.

What were these files? And if they not in my / dir, what I lost?

Thanks for all now.

Tags : 14.04

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