Retrieving value of paragraph type with entity reference revision through preprocessor

by Guruprasad   Last Updated June 12, 2019 15:07 PM

I have created a paragraph type which has field of type entity reference, link, plain text.

Now I want to fetch the values present in these through the and display it in the custom template(twig).

Can anyone please let me know how do i do this?

I have written a hook function in the preprocessor, but unable to fetch values of paragraph types.

Eg of my paragraphs type:

  1. Section
  2. Box

In the section contains 2 fields, first is the title which is a plain text and second is the box, which is an entity reference revision

The box, is a paragraph type which has many fields like

  1. Link
  2. Image
  3. text field
  4. Wysiwig

Now how do i access values present in these through the hook function and display the same in twig template.

Tags : theming hooks

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