Remove scientific notation from log plot

by LMT-PhD   Last Updated July 11, 2019 22:23 PM

Hello stack exchange I have been looking at similar questions but can't make it work.

Here is my simplified code :


    \usetikzlibrary{positioning} % pour le positionnement relatif

    %\pgfplotsset{scaled y ticks=false,
    %yticklabel style ={
    %/pgf/number format/fixed,
    %/pgf/number format/precision=3},


    \begin{axis}[axis x line=bottom, axis y line = left , xmode=log,ymode=log, grid=both, 
    ymin = 0.05,ymax=1.1, extra y ticks={0.05,0.2,0.5},extra y tick labels={$0.05$,$0.2$,$0.5$},
    %scaled ticks=false, tick label style={/pgf/number format/fixed},
        extra x ticks={0.05,0.2,0.5},extra x tick labels={$0.05$,$0.2$,$0.5$},
    xmax=2, width=10cm]

    \addplot[color=red,samples=10,domain=0.01:0.7,thick=3pt,ultra thick] { exp(-3.14159*\x*\n/sqrt(1-\x^2)) } ;



The commented lines are solutions I found here, and tried without success:

log plot with scientific writing

As you can see, there are still 10^n ticks, between the ones I typed manually.

What am I doing wrong ?

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