remotely destroy all data windows 7

by Eric Goldenberg   Last Updated August 13, 2019 21:00 PM

we are downsizing our organization and closing several stores. This may sound malicious but actually involves complete remote data destruction for company equipment. My team has been tasked with remote destruction of all data, including the windows 7 operating systems so nothing at all is recoverable. I have full administrative access throughout the infrastructure. There are hundreds of remote registers across many geographical locations, site visits, degaussing, and remote hands are not feasible solutions. It must be a remote deployment, remote scripting is fine. The legal department wants all data destroyed including the windows 7 operating systems before having 3rd parties send the computers back to HQ. I don't want to simply delete data or the operating system (removing windows .dll's or databases) as that data is still recoverable. I don't want to lockout the computer as the drive can be removed and added to a working computer to recover data as well. I need to brick this equipment. We can certainly pay for tools but would rather use some remote fdisk or maybe powershell. Afterwards I can script the removal of leaf objects from active directory.

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