Regular Outlet to GFCI Outlet with four wire connections and no ground

by Treeraiser   Last Updated May 15, 2019 17:21 PM

I am changing out another regular outlet to a GFCI outlet and the existing outlet had the four wire connection using all the terminals. It is an older condo and there are no grounds. So I thought I would wire the four (two white and two black) the exact way on the new GFCI. The green light is on but no power in the new GFCI outlet and I cannot push the "test" button. I have seen mixed responses to similar questions, so I wanted to pose my exact situation. It is a new Leviton 15A GFCI and based on some other responses to other questions it sounds like I should try to switch the connections (reversing them top to bottom), which I will try when I get back down there, but I am not replacing another GFCI outlet and if the regular outlet replaced has the metal connections intact between the side terminals, I would not think that should matter, but perhaps it does. Any thoughts or confirmations would be appreciated, I wanted to ask before I swap the wires around (not hot for neutral, but line for load).

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